St. John's Pevensey Road

Worship in Church



6th December 2020

From today public worship in the church is re-instated

You are invited to join us for Sunday Mass.

The guidlines set out below still apply.



Guidance from the Rector     

(3rd July)

Dear Friends,

We are permitted to join together in St John’s for worship.

This is good news. However, there is absolutely no pressure for people to attend...

The decision on whether you attend in person is yours.

Of course, if you have any of the symptoms associated with Covid-19 please stay at home.


What follows is how Mass will be conducted under the present guidelines.

1) We enter by the North Porch (normal entrance). Please use the hand-sanitiser provided. Gloves are available if you would like them. Please place gloves in the marked bin as you leave. We have a safe system for receiving cash collections. Please use the box on the table for this. A super new collection box made by David Spice will be with us soon.

2) We must be careful to maintain social distancing of 2 metres (6’7”) at all times except when receiving the sacrament, when you’ll need to be closer to me than two metres.

3) The order of service will be available from a table near the entrance. Please pick one up and find a seat. Please take the sheet home with you.

4) Please do not move furniture to sit closer to family members and generally we will need to have a contactless Peace.

5) There are various precautions that I must take when at the altar. I won’t bore you with these, but suffice to say I shall be following the advice to the letter.

6) If you choose to receive the sacrament it will be in one kind only (the wafer).

7) I will administer this from the chancel step having extensively sanitised my hands. The host will be placed in your hand. I will be wearing a face covering and will not say the usual words. 

8) Instead of coming up in the usual way we will come up by column rather than row. This will help to enable social distancing in the queue and allow us to have a one-way route back to our seats.

9) At the end of the service we will remain seated to listen to the voluntary and then exit immediately via the organ door row by row.

10) There will be no singing and responses should be said quietly. Richard will play the organ at the start, during the preparation of the altar and the receiving of communion and a voluntary at the end.

11) I will make a video recording of the service which will be available for those who cannot come to church via the usual channels by lunchtime.

The toilets will be open but please use them only when absolutely necessary. If you do use the toilet please clean all surfaces with which you have come into contact yourself with the wipes provided. I do look forward to being with you either in the flesh or by virtual means on Sunday.

God be with you,

Fr. David  

(originally written on 3 July 2020, slightly updated to reflect the official guidelines as at 1 May 2021)

The above notes are available as a printable PDF download HERE 

Bishop Martin’s letter to clergy of July 1st 2020, which should answer any further questions you might have, is available HERE. 

church set out for public worship July 2020