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Daily Prayer


A regular habit of prayer is always good.

Here are some suggestions to help you

Prayers from Canterbury Cathedral

Canterbury Cathedral offer Morning and Evening Prayer from the cathedral grounds, led by the Dean and other senior clergy.

You can watch it on the Canterbury Cathedral website 


Pray as You Golink to Pray as You Go

If you prefer to listen to something less formal, more spiritual, why not try Pray as You Go?
It's a daily podcast, about 15 minutes long, including music, bible reading and thoughts to reflect on.

Pray as You Go is available on their website HEREand also as an App on smart phones and tablets.

It's very popular with commuters and office workers. 
You can just pop on your earphones, close your eyes, shut out the bustle for a while, and be drawn into a prayer space of your own.

Common Worship : Daily Prayer

If you want to join in with formal church prayer, then the Church of England books of Daily prayer can help you. Every day you are provided with prayers, Bible readings and space to include people you want to pray for.

This is what our own Ministers regularly say on weekday mornings, and there are others for Evening Prayer and Night Prayer

You can find these prayers, day by day, at the Church of England Website HERE, and there's also an App to download via your relevant phone app store. It also provides a daily recorded version to listen along to!

Time to Pray

is a shorter, simpler version which includes prayers for during the day and for night time. 

Again, you can find these prayers, day by day, at the Church of England Website HERE

If you have a smartphone or tablet then you can find excellent Apps for both Daily Prayer and Time to Pray

in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store



Alternatively if you prefer just to listen in, you can go to 

the Church of England Daily Prayer page

where you will find an embedded audio player offering Prayer during the Day and Night Prayer from Time to Pray.

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