St. John's Pevensey Road


Inside church during service

N E W     Opening for Public Worship

As from Sunday July 5th we are permitted to join together in St John’s for worship.

We will of course be subject to strict conditions laid down by the government and by the Bishop.

The Rector makes all this clear on our new page  
Worship in Church HERE


You can listen to audio recordings HERE >>

and watch videos HERE >>


You will also be able to find Orders of Service so that you can follow and join in at home

Our style of worship is in the catholic tradition of the Church of England (sometimes called "high church"), but we’re also quite relaxed. To see what goes on go to A Typical Sunday Service

Better still, come and experience it for yourself –  we’re always delighted when people join us for worship.


Regular weekly services:

For times of our services go to Regular Services

Carved and painted roundel in choir stallsSeasonal services:

We have special services at Christmas and Easter, and also on other Holy Days throughout the year such as Ash Wednesday and Good Friday.

For more information go to Seasonal Services 

Life Events:

To find out more about weddings, christenings, funerals and so on
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